How to Charge Auto AC With Freon?

Answer Freon is what keeps your vehicle's air conditioning unit producing cold air. Over time, though, the freon can be depleted, leaving you with an air conditioner that will not produce cold air. Any me... Read More »

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How to Charge Freon 22?

Air conditioners cool air by running it through refrigerant. Freon 22 is primarily used in residential units because it has the ability to extract heat and moisture from the air inside the home and... Read More »

How do I Convert Freon 12 to 134A Charge?

Prior to 1995, any vehicle that had air conditioning used R12 as refrigerant. The use of R12 in automobile air conditioning systems is not widely used today. While R12 is still available, it is no ... Read More »

How to Charge a Refrigerator With Freon When It Is Running?

Older refrigerators use Freon refrigerant to keep the food inside the unit cold and fresh. If the refrigerator is not cooling the food properly, you probably need to recharge it with refrigerant. O... Read More »

Auto Freon Installation?

Auto freon is the gas that ensures your air conditioning system will blow cold air. With normal aging comes depleted freon levels in an automobile. If your vehicle was manufactured before 1994, you... Read More »