How to Change the Wiper Arm on a 2003 S10?

Answer Chevrolet released the American-built S10 in 1982 as the replacement for the Isuzu-built LUV. By 2003, Chevy had mastered the art of mixing full-size truck capabilities in a compact pickup, and the... Read More »

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How do I Change Wiper Inserts on a 2003 Acura MDX?

Car manufacturers recommend checking wiper blades for wear and tear every six months. The 2003 Acura MDX requires 21-inch-long wiper inserts, which are typically available at auto-parts retailers a... Read More »

How to Change the Wiper Blades on a 2003 Ford F-150?

While you're driving your 2003 Ford F-150, a giant bug splats across your windshield, leaving a terrible mess. You press and hold the "multifunction level" located on the left-hand side of the stee... Read More »

How to Change Wiper Blades on a 2003 Beetle?

Replacing the 2003 Volkswagen Beetle's wiper blades will need to be done every time the rubber blade dulls. You can easily tell a worn wiper blade by the scraping sound it makes against the Beetle'... Read More »

How to Change My Windshield Wiper on a 2003 Camry?

Replacing the wiper blades on your 2003 Toyota Camry is crucial in order to optimize your vision during bad weather. Depending on the quality of blade purchased, most wiper blade manufacturers reco... Read More »