How to Change the Walking Gait?

Answer Gait training -- practicing a proper walking pattern -- can be a difficult task, particularly for children or adults with limited learning capacity. Gait training is used with people who have neuro... Read More »

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How do we treat tip-toe gait in a 3 year-old ever since he started walking he's been on his tippy toes?

Check into a pediatric orthopedic specialist, and a physical thereapist. Treating it earlier than later will be easier on both of you..

How Often Should One Change Walking Shoes?

Selecting games that appeal to teenagers can be difficult because most teens would rather mingle with their friends than play organized games. However, if you're planning a teen gathering where the... Read More »

Right knee pain when walking DOWN the stairs, DOWNhill and normal walking?

Who invented the gait belt?

According to the United States Patent Office, the gait assistance harness apparatus was filed in August 1993, published in March 1995 and invented by Dana M. Leach. It is published under US Patent ... Read More »