How to Change the Valve Covers on a V-6 Buick?

Answer The valve covers (rocker arm covers) on a V-6 Buick are stamped steel covers attached to the top of the cylinder heads. The valve covers protect the rocker arms, valve springs and valves, and allow... Read More »

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How to Change Valve Covers?

The valve covers on an engine are almost always installed in a conspicuous spot on or near the top of the motor. The covers are responsible for covering and protecting the valve train. Because they... Read More »

How to Change Valve Gasket Covers and O-Rings?

The valve cover gaskets and O-rings keep oil in the heads. The oil is pumped up to the heads via the oil pump and oils the valves and valve springs. If the oil leaks out of the O-rings or valve cov... Read More »

How do I Change Valve Covers on a 1988 Ford Bronco?

The valve cover gaskets on the 1988 Ford Bronco should be replaced as needed. You can see the edges of some types of gaskets--if you notice dry rot, you should change the gaskets, which prevents oi... Read More »

DIY: Valve Covers?

Valve covers, often called rocker arm covers, cover the cylinder heads of an engine. A gasket is fitted to the valve cover to keep the oil inside the heads. Valve covers are usually made from alumi... Read More »