How to Change the Username on an EVO 4G?

Answer The htc EVO 4G is a multi-use smartphone manufactured and sold by Sprint. In addition to phone, text messaging and voicemail capabilities, the phone comes with a camera capable of taking pictures a... Read More »

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If i change my twitter username, would people still to search me by my old username?

How do I change my username?

Make a request at <… > and a "bureaucrat" user should change it for you if the new name is available and suitable.If you haven't made any edits yet, you c... Read More »

How do I change my youtube username?

YouTube is a Google service. When you sign into YouTube, you're really signing into a Google Account. Your Google identity becomes your YouTube identity. It will appear on your channel and on share... Read More »

Is there a Way to Change your Facebook Username?

you can change it only once... so if you already did, you cant do it again