How to Change the Time on a 2009 Ford F-150?

Answer The F-150 is a full-sized pickup truck designed and manufactured by the Ford Motor Company. The 2009 F-150 is equipped with an entertainment system that allows the driver and passengers to listen t... Read More »

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How Do I Change Oil in 2009 Ford Fusion?

Changing the engine oil in your Ford Fusion is an essential part of the regular maintenance schedule. As the oil circulates through the engine providing lubrication to the moving parts, it picks up... Read More »

How do I Change the Oil in a 2009 Ford Fusion 2.3L Engine?

The oil in a 2009 Ford Fusion 2.3-liter engine must be changed every 3,000 miles or every three months, whichever comes first. This engine requires SAE 5w-20 motor oil and holds approximately 4.5 q... Read More »

How to Change the Courtesy Lights in a 2009 Ford Mustang?

The courtesy lights on your 2009 Ford Mustang allow for instant illumination of the interior of your vehicle. Malfunctioning courtesy lights should be replaced. Replacing takes about 10 minutes, re... Read More »

How to Change the Cabin Air Filter in a 2009 Ford Fusion?

The 2009 Ford Fusion is equipped with a cabin air filter that blocks dust, pollen and other airborne pollutants from entering the vehicle cabin through the ventilation system. According to the Ford... Read More »