How to Change the Thermostat in a '94 Buick Skylark Car?

Answer If you're still driving around town in your 1994 Buick Skylark, you most likely value the longevity of your vehicle. However, there is a hidden danger lurking in your Skylark's engine that threaten... Read More »

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How to Change a 1995 Buick Skylark 2.3 Thermostat?

The thermostat in the 1995 Buick Skylark 2.3-liter engine rests inside the engine intake located on the top of the engine. The thermostat regulates engine temperature by restricting the flow of coo... Read More »

How to Replace the Thermostat on a 1998 Buick Skylark?

The 1998 Buick Skylark relies on a thermostat to allow coolant in to the engine. Once the thermostat detects that the engine is getting hot, the thermostat will open and release coolant through the... Read More »

How to Change a CV Joint in a 1989 Buick Skylark?

The CV joint is the joint where the half shaft connects to the wheel. When a CV joint is damaged the whole half shaft should be replaced. Typically the CV boot, the rubber part around the CV joint,... Read More »

How to Change Lightbulbs in the Dash of a 1995 Buick Skylark?

The light bulbs in your car dash can last indefinitely depending on how long you drive at night or use the lights. If you still drive an older vehicle like the 1995 Buick Skylark, however, it's lik... Read More »