How to Change the Strings on a Les Paul Type Guitar?

Answer This article will show you how to change the strings on a Les Paul style guitar.

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How to Change the Strings on a Stratocaster Type Guitar?

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What type of guitar strings does Angus Young use?

Angus Young, the lead guitarist for Australian rock band AC/DC, uses Ernie Ball guitar strings. The gauge size he uses is 9 to 42, from the lightest to the heaviest string.Source:Ernie Ball: Angus ... Read More »

How to Change Guitar Strings?

An acoustic guitar.Changing guitar strings is really not a complicated task, but it is for some reason intimidating to new guitarists. Intimidating or not, it is an easily-acquired skill that any g... Read More »

How to Change Strings on an Acoustic Guitar?

Many people don't know how to change the guitar strings by themselves, so they bring the guitar to the instrument shop, which will cost more money than changing the guitar strings by themselves. Wh... Read More »