How to Change the Strings on a Banjo?

Answer Are your banjo strings sounding dead and rusty? You need to change them! It is not hard to do! Follow these simple steps to make your banjo sound brand new!

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What are banjo strings made of?

As of the early 20th century, most banjo strings are steel. However, some banjos still use nylon strings also known as gut. Some banjos also use a combination of nylon and steel strings; using stee... Read More »

How to Wind Banjo Strings?

Replacement of banjo strings is a regular part of keeping your banjo sounding and playing its best. In order to help keep the banjo in tune, properly winding them around the tuning pegs is the most... Read More »

How to Change Guitar Strings?

An acoustic guitar.Changing guitar strings is really not a complicated task, but it is for some reason intimidating to new guitarists. Intimidating or not, it is an easily-acquired skill that any g... Read More »

How often should you change violin strings?

The violin--which originated in about 1510 in its modern form--is a four-stringed wooden musical instrument played with a bow. Standard maintenance includes changing the strings every two to three ... Read More »