How to Change the Stop Light on a Nissan Versa?

Answer The Nissan Versa uses a No. 12499 bulb as a stop light or brake light, mounting it in a rear combination light assembly along with the taillights, turn signals and back-up lights. The bulb is low-v... Read More »

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How to Change a Brake Light on a Nissan Versa?

The bulbs used in the brake lights the Nissan Versa are low-wattage, which helps reduce the frequency of bulb changes and provides optimum lighting. Even with low-wattage bulbs, you should check yo... Read More »

How to Reset the "Service Engine Soon" Light in a 2007 Nissan Versa?

The 2007 Nissan Versa is equipped with a sophisticated computer system that tracks various conditions within the engine to determine if there is a problem that needs to be inspected. When the compu... Read More »

How to Change a Battery in a Nissan Versa?

The Nissan Versa battery mounts near the rear of the engine compartment on the driver side. You need to replace the battery right away if it loses its charge. Buy a replacement battery at a Nissan ... Read More »

How to Change Nissan Versa Taillight Bulbs?

Driving a vehicle with a burned-out taillight makes it difficult for other drivers to see you, causing unsafe driving conditions for everyone on the road. To avoid a driving citation, change the ta... Read More »