How to Change the Shock Absorbers on a 1993 GMC Truck?

Answer Replacing the shocks in a 1993 GMC truck is not a complicated task as the shocks are easy to access from behind the wheel. The shocks ensure the truck maintains a smooth and comfortable ride, espec... Read More »

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How to Remove the Shock Absorbers From a 1993 Town Car?

The shocks on a 1993 Lincoln Town car, attached near the base of the rear wheels, protect the vehicle's suspension system by lessening the impact felt when driving on uneven surfaces. The shocks sh... Read More »

How to Select Shock Absorbers for a Truck?

Shock absorbers are an important part of every vehicles' suspension. Trucks, in particular, are not known for their smooth ride, and selecting the right shock can drastically change your vehicle's ... Read More »

When to Replace Truck Shock Absorbers?

Shock absorbers help dampen vibrations caused by the surface when driving. Just like all other car parts, shocks must be replaced as they wear down and begin to fail. If your car does not absorb b... Read More »

When should you replace the shock absorbers on a truck?

On One Hand: When Something BreaksAccording to the Motorist Assurance Program (which generally takes a very conservative view on replacing anything), you only "need" to replace your shocks when the... Read More »