How to Change the Search Word for a YouTube Video?

Answer While you upload a video to YouTube, you are given the opportunity to add a description and the search terms used for others to find your video. After the video is processed, these search terms are... Read More »

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Will my youtube video show better in search results if it contains fewer, or lots of key search words?

I generally stick to about a dozen keywords. I aim for about a hundred words in the video description, with the first sentence being the most important. And I try to use a descriptive title.After... Read More »

How do you search for a YouTube video that came out today?

go to the name of the video you want in the search bar and click on search symbolwhen the result page is displayed, click "filter" on the left of the page just below the ... Read More »

Who gets first when people search a video on youtube?

The popular youtuber would.Youtube isn't fair to those people that aren't that popular, they play favorites

Why did my Youtube video disappear from top search results?

This happened to me too one time i had a video with 2,000 views then all of a sudden boom gone. Youtube said it is because other videos with the same subject are getting more views and that those p... Read More »