How to Change the Ride Height of a Front Wheel Drive Van?

Answer Changing the ride height on your front wheel drive van is like changing the ride height on any other car: you have to install a set of lowering springs. This will necessitate partially dissembling ... Read More »

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How Can I Change the Clutch in a Front Wheel Drive Car?

Replacing the clutch in a front wheel drive car can be required after clutch failure or to provide a stronger clutch for racing or performance purposes. However, the process of actually replacing t... Read More »

How to Change the Front Hub on a Two Wheel Drive Silverado?

The front hub on a two-wheel-drive Chevrolet Silverado contains the bearings that allow the wheels to turn properly. These hubs aren't serviceable, so eventually, when the bearings start to squeak,... Read More »

How to Change Out a Front Wheel Drive Axle on a 1997 Ford Escort?

The 1997 Ford Escort had three trim levels available: the base model, the LX and LX wagon. All three trim levels had a 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine with a five-speed manual transmission or an opt... Read More »

Is the 2003 Toyota Matrix XRS front-wheel drive or rear-wheel drive?

The 2003 Toyota Matrix XRS is a front-wheel drive vehicle. This means it has a transversely-mounted engine and the front wheels "pull" the vehicle, rather than the rear wheels "pushing" it. In the ... Read More »