How to Change the Radiator for an Acura?

Answer Acura vehicles are manufactured with a pressurized coolant system that stabilizes the operating engine temperature with a finned condensing radiator. This radiator can corrode and require replaceme... Read More »

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How to Flush the Radiator in an Acura Integra?

In order to keep a car running at its peak efficiency, an owner should conduct regular maintenance. One such example is the flushing of the radiator. During the course of normal operation, substanc... Read More »

How to Replace Radiator in the Acura Legend 1990?

The radiator in your 1990 Acura Legend model helps remove heat from the hot coolant to control engine temperature. Over time, though, the radiator may build up scales, become clogged or develop lea... Read More »

How to Change the Oil on an Acura Ti?

Run out of gas and you walk to a gas station; run out of oil and you cry while waiting for a tow truck. Oil, not gasoline, ranks as your Acura Ti's most important fluid. Oil lubricates your Acura's... Read More »

How to Change Acura Brakes?

Acura brakes use a caliper and rotor design for maximum clamping force. The brakes for the Acura typically use a 15/16-inch master cylinder to push fluid through steel tubing, called brake line, to... Read More »