How to Change the Power Steering Pump on a 2002 Mercury Mountaineer?

Answer In 2002, the Mercury Mountaineer and its near-identical sibling, the Ford Explorer, underwent significant visual and mechanical changes. On the top level, the Mountaineer received an all-new 239-ho... Read More »

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How to Change the Transmission Fluid in a 2002 Mercury Mountaineer?

The 2002 Mercury Mountaineer comes with a transmission that does not have a dipstick. The fluid inside of the transmission protects all of the moving gears and seals. The transmission fluid bonds t... Read More »

How to Change the Fuel Pump on a Mercury Mountaineer?

First introduced in 1997, the Mercury Mountaineer is the high-end cousin of the Ford Explorer, one of the most popular American-made SUVs on the road. The Mercury differs in interior styling and so... Read More »

How to Replace a Power Steering Pump on a Mercury Villager?

The power steering pump on your Mercury Villager functions by using a hydraulic pump system, driven by a belt to deliver pressurized fluid through the steering system, helping you to turn the wheel... Read More »

How to Replace the Power Steering Pump in a 2002 Saturn SL1?

If you notice your 2002 Saturn SL1 is becoming hard to steer, you may need to replace the power steering pump. Another indicator is a puddle underneath your car that consists of red or oily stains.... Read More »