How to Change the Oil on a 1984 Yamaha Venture?

Answer The 1984 Yamaha Venture is a classic motorcycle that may be dated by modern standards, but can still be found on the roads. Keeping the oil, which is responsible for smooth operation, clean is a st... Read More »

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What type of Fuse would I need for a headlamp in my 1984 yamaha venture?

watts divided by volts = amps plus add a safety margin

How to Change the Alternator on a 1984 Yamaha 1000?

Yamaha's 1984 Virago XV1000 used a two-part alternator as the basis for its charging system. The system consisted of a stator and a permanently-magnetized flywheel attached to the motor's crankshaf... Read More »

My 1984 Yamaha Virago 1000 Won't Start?

First released in 1981, the Yamaha Virago is a street cruising motorbike that was available in three different engine sizes. The Virago remained in production until 2000, when it was replaced by t... Read More »

How to Rebuild a Front Brake Master Cylinder on a 2002 Yamaha Midnight Venture?

The 2002 Royal Star Midnight Venture was Yamaha's flagship touring-class cruiser motorcycle. The Midnight Venture's front wheel was equipped with a twin-disc hydraulic brake system that provided en... Read More »