How to Change the Oil in a Bombardier DS 650?

Answer The Bombardier DS 650 ATV featured a four-stroke one cylinder engine, with a five speed manual transmission. The engine and transmission share the same reservoir for the oil. Oil lubricates the eng... Read More »

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How to Start the Sea-Doo Bombardier?

The Sea-Doo Bombardier has a start-up procedure not unlike other jet skis. Due to the nature of the craft, a safety lanyard must be worn by the driver to kill the engine in the event the driver is ... Read More »

How to set the timing on a 2003 quest bombardier?

as with any gas engine/get TDC and the crankshaft all at the same place and dist point to same place/take plug outto ascertain the compression/fire stroke

Does a Bombardier Q400 airplane have counter rotating props?

The Bombardier Q400 NextGen turboprop airliner is not equipped with counter rotating propellers. Both of its propellers turn in a counter-clockwise direction, making the aircraft susceptible to "p-... Read More »

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