How to Change the Oil in Your Truck?

Answer Changing the oil in one's truck can save money and time. One can change their own oil in about 15 minutes. Waiting for a service shop to setup an appointment and change the oil could take up most o... Read More »

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How to Change Your Brake Pads on a Truck?

The braking system on various makes and models of trucks varies slightly; however, the basic principles of replacing the brake pads remains consistent. Trucks with brake pads equipped with wear ind... Read More »

If you are in a program for debt negotiation of credit cards and one of the creditors also holds your truck loan and car insurance can they repossess the truck even though you've never missed a payment?

Answer YES its possible...READ your loan contract ASAP. 3 phrases you DONT want to see...1 cross-collateralization;2 lender believes debtor may be insolvent3 collateral must be covered by insurance... Read More »

How to Change a Truck Transmission?

When removing a transmission, the truck should be raised sufficiently to work. If done on a driveway, paper should be used to protect against transmission fluid spills as the transmission pan is lo... Read More »

How to Change a 1990 GMC Truck Oil Pan?

The GMC truck is a work truck and it is not uncommon for the oil pan to sustain damage. The oil pan needs to be replaced immediately once it can no longer hold oil. Replacing the oil pan itself is ... Read More »