How to Change the Number of Allowances?

Answer The amount of your federal income tax is determined by the amount of money you earn and the amount of allowances you enter on your W-4 form. The W-4 form enables your employer to withhold the corre... Read More »

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What's the maximum number of allowances I can claim on my W-4 form?

15 if married filing jointly, 10 for everyone else is the highest, BUT ... be VERY careful here .. you're treading on dangerous ground. If you under pay your taxes by too much, one of two things ... Read More »

How to Understand W-4 Allowances?

Before you start work for an employer and for future years after that, you will need to update the W-4 form so that the employer withholds the correct amount of federal and state taxes from your pa... Read More »

Coast guard allowances?

You probably want to join the Air Force and be a Paratrooper. The Coast Gurad catches drug smugglers, aliens and other bad guys while protecting our shores.**Edit**What you are describing is the Un... Read More »

How Many Allowances Should I Claim to Not Owe Money?

When you start a new job, your employer should give you a W-4 form to fill out. This form includes your name and Social Security number, as well the number of exemptions you wish to claim. The lowe... Read More »