How to Change the Number Bands on Date Stamps?

Answer Date stamps haven't changed much since the 1950s, and for good reason. They are reliable and quick. Government offices, such as the Office of Naval Research and the IRS now use electronic date stam... Read More »

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How do I adjust Word doc date stamps?

Select Current StampRight click the date stamp within your Word document. The full date and time field will highlight, and a menu will open.Update or EditSelect "Update" from the menu, and the date... Read More »

How to Insert Date Stamps in Photos?

Manage and file your digital photo collection by inserting a date stamp into each file name or onto the photograph itself. Not only does this let you know when the photo was taken (which is great w... Read More »

How do I adjust a Word document to create date stamps?

Adding a Date Stamp to a Word DocumentOpen the Word document. Click on "Insert" and choose to place the date stamp in the header or footer. Click on "Edit Header" or "Edit Footer" at the end of the... Read More »

Between these bands (and only these bands) who would win (if you had to choose) in a battle of the bands?

OMG its gotta be on eof the hardest questions to ever answer i luv all them so much!!!..........i have to choose MCR......but all of them rock so much i feel bad for picking only one lol. they shou... Read More »