How to Change the NetBEUI Workgroup on a Printer?

Answer NetBEUI was provided by Microsoft to allow older Windows computers to share folders and printers. The computer to which a printer is attached contains a NetBEUI workgroup name. The printer takes th... Read More »

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What Is a Workgroup Printer?

The term "workgroup printer" refers to a printer that is set up to accommodate the needs of a group of users. Workgroup printers are usually connected to a network and vary in size based on the pri... Read More »

How do I change the workgroup name on a Mac?

Access the System PreferencesGo to the "Apple" menu on the upper-left corner and click on "System Preferences..." from the drop-down menu options. Click on "Network" under the "Internet & Network" ... Read More »

How to Change a Name in Workgroup in SUSE?

A computer connected to a local network will identify itself to other computers on the network with a unique "hostname." Sometimes, it becomes desirable to change hostnames on a network. A network ... Read More »

How do I change the workgroup in XP Home?

Log in to the computer using an account with administrative privileges. Click on the "Start" menu on the bottom left of the screen, then choose "Control Panel" and double-click on "Performance and ... Read More »