How to Change the Name on a Third Generation iPod Shuffle?

Answer So you named your shuffle and you want to change it? It's pretty easy with these steps.

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Can you change the battery on an iPod Shuffle 2nd generation?

Yes, it is possible to replace the battery on a 2nd generation iPod Shuffle. The cost of a replacement battery is about $15 to $20. However, the process of replacing the battery as a do-it-yourself... Read More »

How do you charge a 3rd generation ipod shuffle?

to charge an ipod shuffle third generation when you buy it it come with a cable which you plug into your P.C and it will charge you must charge after 12 hours of use and it will take round about 4 ... Read More »

How to Organize Songs on an iPod Shuffle 3rd Generation?

The iPod Shuffle 3rd Generation is a smaller model of the original iPod. The device features a smaller hard drive with less storage capacity at a lower price, with a contemporary interface and a co... Read More »

What should a 3rd generation ipod shuffle user do if he or she wants some new ear-buds?

there is no 'special pair' of earphones for any given iPod. if by 'buds' you mean the earphones provided with the purchase of your iPod, then any pair with a 3mm jack will do. These are also the m... Read More »