How to Change the Monitor Setting from Horizontal to Vertical on a Gateway 26-Inch Monitor?

Answer The landscape widescreen format most LCD monitors use is useful for multimedia and games, but it is not always the most efficient way to view content. Many monitors allow you to swivel the display ... Read More »

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How do I change my monitor from horizontal to vertical?

See driver software setting to turn it 90 degrees. Since you give no information as to OS, hardware, cannot tell you more.

My dell laptop's monitor display went from vertical to horizontal. anyone know why?

This has happened because U have pressed hot keyLEFTTo make the display normal use following hot keyUP

How to Fix a Laptop Monitor Screen That Has One Inch Vertical Lines?

While some problems with your laptop's display may be caused by associated components such as the back-light, inverter, video card or connecting cables, there are others that are caused by the LCD ... Read More »

Should i change to a 23 inch monitor?

It would depend entirely on the quality of the monitor.Take, for example, the HDTV. The HD picture on a 19" television looks amazing, but HDTV on a 46" screen looks pixellated and terrible. This is... Read More »