How to Change the Lift Support on a Hyundai?

Answer Very few things can be more annoying than raising the hood or hatchback on a car and have it not stay in place. Hyundai uses pressurized lift supports to keep its hoods and hatchbacks in place. The... Read More »

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How to Install Tailgate Lift Support?

The tailgate is a door that is located in the back of an SUV, truck or station wagon. It is attached at the bottom or at the top of the vehicle and can be opened upward or downward to load groceri... Read More »

How to Replace My Trunk Lift Support Struts?

In trunk supports are widely used by automotive manufacturers. These struts all do the same thing, but are mounted in several configurations. All designs open and close on an arc. This means they m... Read More »

How to Replace Lift Gate Support Struts?

Most sport utility and hatchback vehicles have a rear lift gate to access the cargo compartment of the vehicle. The lift gate is hinged at the top. It swings up and out of the way, and should stay ... Read More »

How to Install a Rear Hatch Lift Support for a Toyota Matrix?

On a car with a hatchback such as the Toyota Matrix, the rear struts can give out, making the hatch both difficult to lift and sometimes impossible to keep open. But these struts aren't difficult t... Read More »