How to Change the License Plate Light Bulb on a Toyota Camry?

Answer The license plate light bulbs on your Toyota Camry are usually the last light bulbs you think about. Hopefully, it wasn't a police officer pulling your over to inform you that one or both were out.... Read More »

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How to Replace a License Plate Light on a 1998 Toyota Camry?

The license plate light bulb on the 1998 Toyota Camry is located just above the rear license. This light bulb is on constantly when the car is running and will need to be changed if it goes out sin... Read More »

How to Replace Toyota Corolla License Plate Light Bulb?

The Corolla has been a staple in the Toyota inventory for many years. Performing mundane repairs, such as replacing the license plate bulbs, were much easier and more obvious in the older generatio... Read More »

How to Change a 1995 Camry License Plate Light?

All states have laws that require the license plate on vehicles to be illuminated when driving during nighttime. When the bulb that illuminates the license plate on your 1995 Toyota Camry is burnt ... Read More »

How to Change a License Plate Light Bulb on an Acura RSX?

Your Acura RSX has a light bulb that illuminates the rear license plate when the headlights are turned on. Although this bulb lasts a long time, it will eventually burn out. Fortunately, profession... Read More »