How to Change the Knock Sensor?

Answer The knock sensor is an integral part of the engine control function. It senses the vibrations in the engine and sends a signal to the computer. The computer uses the signal to make adjustments to t... Read More »

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How to Change a Knock Sensor in a 98 Accord?

The knock sensor on a 1998 Honda Accord is designed to sense pre-ignition in the cylinders. Honda engines operate with high levels of ignition timing advance for more power and fuel economy. This l... Read More »

How Do I Change a Knock Sensor in a Ford 5.4L?

A knock sensor is a piezometric crystal that advances or retards the engine based on load. Knock sensors are typically located on the intake side of the Ford 5.4-liter engine. All knock sensors con... Read More »

How to Change a Knock Sensor on a 93 Chevy Caprice?

Replace the knock sensor on your Chevy Caprice if you find it is faulty or if you suspect a problem with it. The sensor is located on the front lower portion of the engine block, on the driver's si... Read More »

How Do I Change a Knock Sensor in a 2000 Grand Am?

The knock sensor in your 2000 Grand AM monitors engine performance and sends important information to the Grand AM's electronic control unit, or ECU. Engine knock is when the fuel inside the combus... Read More »