How to Change the Internet Signal on a PS3?

Answer The PlayStation 3 (PS3) has a built-in wireless receiver that can connect to a Wi-Fi home network in order to access the Internet. You can change the signal (i.e., the network) that the PS3 receive... Read More »

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How to change 'E' signal to 3G signal in foreign country?

You'd have to talk to the carrier about that.

Can I get an internet signal through USB?

Sure, all you need is to plug in the USB cable to your modem and computer, install the modem drivers and set up your internet account with info supplied by your ISPCheers

Why is my internet signal low?

Usually it's the company that $&@&$ up and you have to deal with it until they get it right again.

How do you keep someone from stealing your internet signal?

Without any info about your router, I can't give an exact step-by-step instruction set, but: -You need to log in to your router (usually in your internet browser). -Locate the encryptio... Read More »