How to Change the Interior Color in Your Car?

Answer Car interior colors are normally available in various shades of gray or tan. Older models may be blue or maroon. These colors typically match most exterior colors, but aren't always on the favorite... Read More »

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How to Change Your Automotive Interior Lighting Color?

Automotive interior lighting lets you see what you are doing in your vehicle when it's dark outside. Unfortunately, the factory lighting is not always aesthetically pleasing. Factory bulbs are typi... Read More »

Do color contacts change your vision color?

NO! You will see everything as you seen it before the only thing that will change is your EYE color.

If you Had to Change The Color of Your Skin,to Which Color?

I would pick red ....... that way, everyone would always think I was mad and upset so then they would be nice to me ...... or they would just run away ...... lol ....... = )

Can you change your eye color?

I dont think you should try it, get contacts, you may not need them, but if you like a certain color you can get it in contacts:)) Dont try it.