How to Change the Hub Assembly on a Honda CR-V?

Answer The hub assemblies for all four wheels of the Honda CR-V are part of the steering knuckles. The rear hub assemblies also include the backing plate for the brake shoes. Removing and replacing the hu... Read More »

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How to Change a Honda Civic Fan Motor Assembly?

Replacing the fan motor assembly on your Honda Civic is much easier and faster if you follow the proper procedure. And you do not have to remove the front of your Civic, even if you need extra room... Read More »

How to Replace a Honda Headlamp Assembly?

Headlights keep the road visible as you drive at night, through thick fog and heavy snow and rain. Keeping headlights in working order is an important aspect of driving safety. The headlight assemb... Read More »

How to Replace the Hub Assembly on a Honda Prelude?

The Honda Prelude is a dependable, long-lasting sport-compact car with a large following of enthusiasts. The Prelude does not require a great deal of regular maintenance, however eventually the hub... Read More »

How to Replace the Rear Hub Assembly on a Honda Accord?

The convenient aspect about the rear hub assembly on Honda Accords is it needs very little maintenance. By staying on top of the hub assembly, you’ll have an even driving experience over all sort... Read More »