How to Change the Hub Assembly on a Cavalier?

Answer The Chevrolet Cavalier steering system uses a hub and bearing assembly bolted to the steering knuckle. The end of the drive axle slides through the hub and is held on with a nut. The hub assembly c... Read More »

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How to Change an Ignition Switch Assembly for a 1997 Chevy Cavalier?

Replacing the faulty ignition switch on your 1997 Chevy Cavalier is a simple procedure. However, if your Cavalier model comes equipped with an Air Bag system, you need to follow a safety procedure.... Read More »

How to Install the Hub Assembly on a 2001 Cavalier?

When the hub on your 2001 Cavalier starts to become noisy it will need to be replaced with a new hub assembly. The hub assembly is the part of the wheel that is used to secure the tire to the vehic... Read More »

How to Replace the Hub and Bearing Assembly in a Cavalier?

The front-wheel-drive Chevrolet Cavalier has a hub and bearing assembly that bolts to each steering knuckle and supports the end of the drive axles. The hub and bearing assembly has a flange that s... Read More »

How to Get a 1998 Cavalier Belt Tensioner Assembly Off?

The Chevy Cavalier model run extended from 1982 through 2005. Chevy sold enough Cavaliers that it had the highest number of units sold in one particular model. This was due in part to its aesthetic... Read More »