How to Change the Headliner in a Ford Pickup?

Answer The headliners in Ford pickup trucks can become loose and fall down or begin to sag. Either one of these problems can cause the driver's vision to be blocked. There are temporary fixes for sagging ... Read More »

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How to Change the Headlight on a Ford Pickup?

As more improvements are being made in the automotive industry, the headlights on vehicles are vastly improving as well. They have become a necessary part of the vehicle and have gone from the days... Read More »

How to Change a Headlight in a 95 Ford Pickup?

Changing the headlights on your Ford pickup will keep you safe on the road by increasing your ability to see the road or objects in front of you, as well as allowing other drivers to see you coming... Read More »

How to Change the Pickup Coil on a 1995 Ford F-150?

The 1995 Ford F-150 pickup is equipped with an ignition system that includes a distributor, starter, battery, alternator and ignition coil. The battery is the power source for the entire vehicle el... Read More »

How to Change a Ford Pickup Tail Light?

While most cars use a variation of the same system for securing tail light housings and bulbs, trucks are slightly different in their design. This design is not altogether different but because of ... Read More »