How to Change the Graphics on your iPod Using iPodWizard?

Answer Tired of the same old graphics on your iPod? With iPodWizard you can change the graphics, text and strings used by the iPod operating system. iPodWizard is basically a hex editor for your iPod. It ... Read More »

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Does the ipad2 or the iPod touch have better graphics?

the ipad 2 has a better processor, so it has the capability of better graphics HOWEVER, the retena display (ultra HD Display) is not on the ipad yet, so it is likely that things will LOOK better o... Read More »

How do you change graphics cards?

above answer is correct, but also, you will need to install the drivers for your new card once it is physically installed. couldn't hurt to download them ahead of time. also, you might need to buy ... Read More »

Possible to change graphics card?

You need to know if your system support dedicated graphic first... Open the computer casing and look for a graphic card slot. if it is present then your system can add a graphic card. You need to f... Read More »

How to Change a Graphics Card?

The guide shows you how to change a graphics card this may sound difficult but this is very very simple. Do note this is not the one if you have a on board. To read the on board version then check ... Read More »