How to Change the Gear in a Saturn Transmission?

Answer Too often while changing gears in a manual transmission the driver can stall, grind the gears or burn the clutch. To avoid all of these from happening in your Saturn, you must learn how to make a s... Read More »

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How to Change Transmission Fluid for a 2001 Saturn?

Changing fluids in your vehicle is a simple procedure that can help save you time and money. 2001 Saturns features both manual and automatic transmission models. Each has different fluid requiremen... Read More »

How Do I Change the Gear Oil on My 1995 Ford Aspire 5-Speed Manual Transmission?

The Ford Aspire’s five-speed manual transmission needs to have the fluid replaced at regular intervals just like the engine oil. The fluid prevents damage to the internal workings of the transmis... Read More »

How to Change Automatic Transmission Fluid in a Saturn S-Series?

Your automatic Saturn S-Series has finally reached the 30,000, 60,000 or 90,000 mile mark. You know from your owner's manual that it's time to change the transmission (transaxle) fluid and filter. ... Read More »

How to Change the Transmission Fluid in a 2008 Saturn Aura XE V6?

The automatic transmission in the 2008 Saturn Aura XE V6 uses Dexron VI automatic transmission fluid. It holds 9.5 quarts, but if you are only doing a change along with the filter, you need 6.3 qua... Read More »