How to Change the Gaskets on a GE French Door?

Answer If you own a General Electric refrigerator that has French doors, then there are two doors that open side by side from the top center of the refrigerator and a bottom freezer. The doors keep in air... Read More »

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How to Protect Auto Door Rubber Gaskets?

Living in colder areas of the United States can wreak havoc on a vehicle. Many people take the time to "winterize" their car by preparing the tires, engine and interior of their car for the frigid ... Read More »

Who invented magnetic refrigerator-door gaskets?

Italian Ilpea company invented the magnetic refrigerator-door gaskets.Please refer to the website for further information.Below is adapted from the information of ... Read More »

How to Change Head Gaskets on a 3000GT?

A blown head gasket in a Mitsubishi 3000GT can impact the engine's performance, as well as the vehicle's fuel efficiency. When there is a hole in the gasket or it is overheated, the coolant can mix... Read More »

How to Change Cylinder Head Gaskets?

Cylinder head gaskets rarely need changing, unless the vehicle has overheated and blown a head gasket. The heads and the block in many cars are of dissimilar metals--the heads are aluminum, and the... Read More »