How to Change the Gaskets on a GE French Door?

Answer If you own a General Electric refrigerator that has French doors, then there are two doors that open side by side from the top center of the refrigerator and a bottom freezer. The doors keep in air... Read More »

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Who invented magnetic refrigerator-door gaskets?

Italian Ilpea company invented the magnetic refrigerator-door gaskets.Please refer to the website for further information.Below is adapted from the information of ... Read More »

How to Protect Auto Door Rubber Gaskets?

Living in colder areas of the United States can wreak havoc on a vehicle. Many people take the time to "winterize" their car by preparing the tires, engine and interior of their car for the frigid ... Read More »

How to Change Exhaust Header Gaskets?

Exhaust headers are commonly used in place of cast iron manifolds on performance vehicles and custom cars to increase performance and reduce weight. They use an asbestos gasket between the head and... Read More »

How to Change Head Gaskets on a 3000GT?

A blown head gasket in a Mitsubishi 3000GT can impact the engine's performance, as well as the vehicle's fuel efficiency. When there is a hole in the gasket or it is overheated, the coolant can mix... Read More »