How to Change the GDM in 9.10 Ubuntu?

Answer In Ubuntu, as with secure systems, logging in is a two step process: first the user powers up his machine and is greeted by a login screen, where he can enter his username and password to enter his... Read More »

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How to Change PNG to SVG on Ubuntu?

It is often necessary to convert an image to another format to take advantage of features such as transparency, better compression and animation. Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) is a file format tha... Read More »

How to Change Your Computer Name in Ubuntu 10.10?

If you ever wished to change your computer name, here is how to do it. Many people think that this is possible only if you do reinstall the operating system, but this is not true. There are few com... Read More »

How to Change the FSTAB in Ubuntu?

The Ubuntu Linux operating system reads the /etc/fstab file during the boot process to determine which disks or filesystems should be mounted (or made available) automatically at boot-up. The fstab... Read More »

How do i change computer name in ubuntu?

Click on the "System" menu, then "Administration," then "Networking." Go to the "General" tab, then change the text in "Hostname" to the new name you want for your computer. Save your changes and r... Read More »