How to Change the Fuel Pump on a 1993 Chevy Pickup?

Answer The 1993 Chevy pickup utilizes a fuel pump and fuel level sending unit combination located within the fuel tank. It is not encapsulated in a module--it is an open unit that affords the ability to r... Read More »

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How to Replace an In-Tank Fuel Pump in a 1993 Chevy Cheyenne Pickup Truck?

The hardest part of replacing a fuel pump on a 1993 Chevy Cheyenne pickup is removing the gasoline from the tank. In addition to needing containers to hold 20 gallons of fuel--if the tank is nearly... Read More »

How to Change the Fuel Pump on an 89 Chevy Silverado Pickup?

Chevrolet's Silverado pickups are renowned for their rugged performance, but if the truck's fuel pump isn't working properly, performance will be negatively affected. Like its name suggests, the fu... Read More »

How to Replace the Fuel Pump on a Chevy Pickup?

The fuel pump in a Chevrolet truck is located in the fuel tank. Replacement of the fuel pump consists of dropping the fuel tank to the ground and pulling it out of the tank. Once the pump is replac... Read More »

Replacing a Fuel Pump in a Chevy Pickup?

The fuel pump, whether manual or electric, performs the task of delivering fuel to the intake system of a vehicle. It does this by using a pump vane or diaphragm to produce the pressure required to... Read More »