How to Change the Front Brake Rotors On a 1999 Nissan Pathfinder?

Answer Changing the brake rotors on a 1999 Nissan Pathfinder is a simple process. The brake rotors are located behind the two front tires connected to the lower control arm. The brake rotors are the thick... Read More »

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How to Take Off Front Rotors on a 2001 Nissan Pathfinder?

The brake system on a 2001 Nissan Pathfinder makes use of a set of semi-metallic brake pads, which are pressed against a metal disc, called a rotor, to stop the vehicle. Over time, the friction cre... Read More »

How to Change the Rotors on a 1998 Nissan Pathfinder?

The Nissan Pathfinder brake rotors work with the brake pads to slow and stop your vehicle through hydraulics. As you depress the brake pedal, brake fluid flows through the brake lines to the calipe... Read More »

How to Replace the Front Brake Rotors on a 1999 Camry?

It is generally recommended to replace pads and rotors at the same time no matter what kind of vehicle or what kind of symptom. However, there are circumstances where just replacing the rotors will... Read More »

DIY: Brake Change on a Nissan Pathfinder?

Brake pads will wear out eventually, and if they're not replaced when they become well-worn, they can damage rotors and diminish braking capability, causing potentially dangerous conditions. Fortun... Read More »