How to Change the Freeze Plugs on a Third Generation Camaro?

Answer General Motors cast third-generation Camaro engines with sand as the casting medium. The molten metal must have a clear path to flow to all parts of the mold. The freeze plugs show where the cast... Read More »

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How to Change Freeze Plugs?

When an engine is made, it is molded from molten metal. This process involves a cast, which must eventually be removed from the now formed engine. The cooling system is handled this way as well, bu... Read More »

How to Change Engine Freeze Plugs?

Suddenly you're wondering where all your coolant is going. You notice a wet spot under your car but it's not under the radiator or front of the engine. It's on one of the sides. You look at the sid... Read More »

How do I Change Freeze Plugs in a 289 Ford Mustang?

The 289 small-block V8 engine was available in Ford's Mustang line until the middle of the 1968 production year. If the coolant inside the engine freezes, it will expand. In extreme cases, this exp... Read More »

How to Change the Freeze Plugs on a 1985 Ford Bronco?

The term "freeze plug" is a misnomer for an engine's "core plug," which is found on both sides of an engine block. Removing and replacing core plugs on a 1985 Ford Bronco is a challenging task that... Read More »