How to Change the Feed Pump for Boilers?

Answer A central heating system that switches on but never seems to do any actual heating may have a problem with the feed pump. The pump is the part of the boiler system that circulates the heated steam ... Read More »

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How to Change an HP Printer From Manual Feed to Automatic Feed?

Using the printer's manual feed option when printing on heavier paper, card stock and other special media is the way to go to reduce paper jams. For a speedier and effortless way to print documents... Read More »

Did you pump or feed from your breast?

up until 7 months I breastfed, when I went back to work I pumped and daddy or grandma feeds her pumped breastmilk. I do agree, sleep is important, and the way I got sleep was to co-sleep, breastfee... Read More »

Feed, Burp, Change, Blog?

Prepare a dessert salad tonight and enjoy a healthy and delicious finale to your meal. Pick from a variety of fresh, frozen or canned fruit selections for your salad. Most dessert salads take litt... Read More »

Did anyone else notice their news feed change on Facebook today?

Now there's a News Feed and a Live Feed.I KNOW. I was on it at school and it was normal, then i went on just a few hours later at home and it had this News Feed/Live Feed! i hate it!but idk h... Read More »