How to Change the Face on an iPhone?

Answer Sometimes you can tell a lot about a person by their iPhone's lock screen. Plus, if your iPhone has a password that you don't know, it can look pretty lame.

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I don't like texts poping up in the middle of the screen of my iPhone when I receive a text. Is there an app for the iPhone 4 that will make the messaging less in your face?

How can you do face to face on skype with an iPhone?

one of my friends went to change his phone and he said that they told him in about three weeks the price is going to go down

Hey I asked for a new iphone the 3gs and he gave me one but when I was using it I noticed that it was the old iPhone would I be allowed to change it now that I opened it and used it?

Does you iPhone 4 come with face time?

Yes the iPhone 4 does come with FaceTime per loaded