How to Change the Exponents on a Calculator?

Answer If you have a scientific calculator, then you can compute exponents. An exponent is "shorthand for repeated multiplication of the same thing by itself," according to Purple Math. You can input your... Read More »

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How to Use Exponents on a Scientific Calculator?

Exponents help express a number multiplied by itself a number of times in a shorter phrase. For example, instead of saying four times four times four times four times four, you could just say four ... Read More »

How to Solve Rational Exponents With a Calculator?

Rational exponents are fractions raised to exponential powers, such as (2/3)^4. You raise fractions to exponential powers by raising the individual terms to exponential powers. For instance, 2/3 be... Read More »

How to Change Bases of Exponents?

In your Algebra II class, you may need to rewrite exponent bases in terms of other numbers. For instance, you can rewrite 27^2 as (3^3)^2, which is equal to 3^6. The key to rewriting exponent bases... Read More »

How to Change Drawings Into Exponents?

If you are trying to teach your children how to compute exponents, then consider using a set of drawings or photos to do it. Exponents are superscript numbers placed after your numerical base that ... Read More »