How to Change the Exhaust Manifold Gasket on a Yamaha 800 XLT: PWC Only?

Answer Even though your Yamaha WaveRunner XLT 800 is a personal watercraft, to be used in the great outdoors, a leaky exhaust gasket will leave you riding the waves in a stinking miasma of exhaust gas. Th... Read More »

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How to Change an F22 Exhaust Manifold Gasket?

The F22 is the engine designator for Honda's 4 cylinder 2.2 liter engine. This engine was installed on the Accord and the Prelude. Although there were a few variations of the F22 engine, the exhaus... Read More »

How to Change the Exhaust Manifold Gasket in a F150 4.6L Engine?

The Ford F150's history spans back to the 1948 Ford F-1 half-ton pickup. In 1975, the F-150 was released as a bridge between the F-100 and F-250. The F-150 replaced the F-100 as the smallest of the... Read More »

How to Change an Exhaust Manifold Gasket on a 1997 Ford F150?

Exhaust manifold gaskets help seal the exhaust manifold against the cylinder head to ensure stable exhaust back pressure and prevent exhaust gases from escaping prior to passing through the catalyt... Read More »

How to Fix an 89 302 Exhaust Manifold Gasket?

The 1989 Ford 302 V-8 engine was fitted with a pair of one-piece exhaust manifold gaskets. The gaskets are designed to seal the gap that exists between the mounting surface of the manifold and the ... Read More »