How to Change the Door Lock Sequence on a Toyota?

Answer All Toyota vehicles with an automatic transmission and power door locking system have a feature that allows the driver to select an automatic locking and unlocking sequence for the doors. There are... Read More »

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How to Fix a Toyota Door Lock?

Toyota power door locks are stand-alone mechanisms. They are not an integral part of the door latch. These locks are composed of a small electric motor and a series of gear-reduction gears that are... Read More »

How to Troubleshoot a Toyota Door Lock That Is Not Working?

Toyota power door locks require a working door lock actuator and door lock switch to work properly. If the Toyota door lock system is not working, odds are the trouble lies in one of those two comp... Read More »

Toyota Rav4 Door Lock Removal?

To remove the door lock on a Toyota Rav4, you must remove the inner door panel so you can access the locking mechanism and the jam nut that secures the lock to the door's sheet metal. You can purch... Read More »

Toyota Corolla Remote Door Lock Problems?

Problems with remotely locking and unlocking a car's doors can be frustrating. Your Toyota Corolla is likely to experience remote locking issues from time to time just like all other vehicles of di... Read More »