How to Change the Default MySQL Username & Password?

Answer The "root" user name is the default user on a MySQL database. To change this value, you must update the "user" table in the database. You can also change the default user's password. This process i... Read More »

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How do I change the user password in MySQL?

Open a Terminal WindowOpen a terminal window, or shell prompt, to access the command line. In GNOME versions of Linux, access the terminal window by clicking in order on "Main Menu," "Programs," ... Read More »

How to Change a Password & Username?

Changing your password and user name for a website can be a great way to keep your account secure. Whether your password isn't strong enough or you just think someone might have access to your user... Read More »

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Orkut is a social networking website developed and maintained by Google since 2004. The majority of orkut's members are from Brazil and India indicating its vast popularity in those regions. Like F... Read More »

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