How to Change the Default Mail Client to Gmail, AOL, or Yahoo?

Answer When you click a mailto: link such as this one: [email protected]/* */, what happens? Probably either Outlook or Windows Live Mail opens. Here's how to make Gmail, Yahoo, or AOL to open instead o... Read More »

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How to Change Your Default Mail Client?

When Windows is first set up, the default mail client for the system is Outlook Express or Windows Live Mail, depending on what operating system you are using. Change this default mail client simpl... Read More »

How to Set MS Outlook as the Default Mail Client?

Microsoft Outlook, as of 2010, is available only for Windows PCs. When you set MS Outlook as your default mail client, MS Outlook will be the program that opens up when you click on an email link o... Read More »

How to I install my default mail client properly?

Check guide carefully...…Good luck!

How to Make MS Outlook My Default Mail Client?

When you visit a website and click on an underlined email address, your default mail client opens, and then it opens a new message window, preaddressed and ready for you to compose and send. If you... Read More »