How to Change the Coolant Sensor & Antifreeze in a 1999 Saturn?

Answer The 1999 model Saturn came equipped with a coolant sensor, whose purpose was to relay information about the coolant’s temperature to the instrument panel. The sensor was mounted on the engine... Read More »

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How to Change Antifreeze Coolant?

The antifreeze in your car's cooling system contains ethylene glycol to keep the coolant mixture in a liquid state at very low temperatures and additives that prevent corrosion and lubricate the wa... Read More »

How Do I Remove the Temperature Coolant Sensor on a 2002 Saturn SC1?

The temperature coolant sensor on the 2002 Saturn SC1 is now known as an Engine Coolant Temperature Sensor (ECTS), since the implementation of the second phase of onboard diagnostics (OBD II). The ... Read More »

How do I Replace the Water Coolant Sensor on a 1996 Saturn?

The electronic coolant temperature sensor in the 1996 Saturn is used to measure the engine's temperature, and ensures the engine and transaxle settings are within the manufacturer's operating param... Read More »

Where is the ECTS coolant temperature sensor located on a 1995 Saturn?

The ECTS, or engine coolant temp, sensor on a 1995 Saturn is located inside the engine compartment. Follow the Saturn's radiator hose to the engine block, where you'll find the ECTS, which is the s... Read More »