How to Change the Column Name in Oracle?

Answer This article provides steps to change name of a in a table in oracle or PL/SQL.

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How to Connect to an Oracle 9 Server With the Oracle 10g Client?

There are certain restrictions when connecting to an Oracle 9 Server from the Oracle 10g Client. For the Oracle 10.2.0 Client, it is not possible to connect to a 9.0.1, 9.2.01,, or ... Read More »

How do I change an Oracle user password?

Open the Oracle EditorLaunch your Oracle editor (SQL Plus) by clicking "Start," "All Programs,"Oracle-OraHomename," "Application Developement" and "SQL Plus." Log in using your system administrator... Read More »

How to Change Your Password on the Oracle Reset Database?

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How do I condense data in an excel table to fit within 1 column and not overlap into the 2nd column?

Select the column you wish to modify. Right-click that selected area and choose Format Cells... Then go to the Alignment tab and set the Text Control to "Wrap text". Now click the OK button.Whil... Read More »