How to Change the Colour of Gridlines in Excel?

Answer Did you ever try to change the color of those unlimited grey-colored gridlines in the Excel worksheet, to suit your Data Type, and end up changing the size and merging the cells. Follow the steps i... Read More »

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How to Change the Colour of the Gridlines of a Table on Word?

Can't change the colour, width or shading of your table gridlines on Microsoft Word 2003 ? This will definitely help.

Excel UserForm TextBox Font to Change Colour, Help Needed Please?

Try:Private Sub TextBox1_Change()If Me.TextBox1.Value >= 0 ThenMe.TextBox1.ForeColor = &HC000&ElseIf Me.TextBox1.Value < 0 ThenMe.TextBox1.ForeColor = &HFF&End IfEnd Sub

How do you change the colour of the led notification light colour on htc incredible s?

How can I assign a value to a cell colour in excel?

If you do not mind using Microsoft's numbering of colors, then you could use these routines to find three separate items that have colors: Function Xcolor(target As Range) As Integer Xcolor = ta... Read More »