How to Change the Color of the Trackball on Your Blackberry?

Answer Have you ever noticed how your once ice white trackball is now dirty and yellowed? This easy guide will explain how you can change the color of your blackberry's trackball. This is a cheap way to c... Read More »

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How do I get a new trackball for a BlackBerry?

Purchase the TrackballMake a note of the make and number of the BlackBerry being repaired. Purchase the replacement trackball for this BlackBerry at a cell phone store or online. Many repair kits c... Read More »

Can the trackball on a Verizon BlackBerry be replaced?

The trackball on a Verizon BlackBerry, as well as the trackball for a BlackBerry purchased on any other carrier can be replaced. If your phone is under warranty you can often get the trackball repl... Read More »

How to View SMS Messages on a BlackBerry 8300 Series if You Lost Your Trackball?

The trackball is the primary means of navigation on the BlackBerry 8300 series phone, but if you drop or damage your phone you can easily lose your trackball. Without the trackball, you can still n... Read More »

How to Change the Font Color on a BlackBerry?

The default font on Blackberry phones is determined by the current theme that is set on the phone. A Blackberry theme is a combination of different visual components such as a background, font and ... Read More »