How to Change the Brake Pads on a 2003 Alero?

Answer The brake pads on the 2003 Oldsmobile Alero need to be checked every six months for wear. The brake pads contain a friction material that wears away over time. Eventually, the pad material will shr... Read More »

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How to Change Alero Rear Brake Pads?

The Oldsmobile Alero uses a four-wheel disc braking system for better stopping power than rear drum brakes provide. In a disc braking system, the driver pushes the brake pedal, causing the master c... Read More »

How to Change the Brake Pads on a 2003 Ram?

The 2003 Dodge Ram comes equipped with both front and rear brake pads, which supply the braking power to stop the truck. Once the brakes are applied, the caliper cylinder compresses the brake pads ... Read More »

How to Change the Brake Pads on a 2003 Maxima?

The 2003 Nissan Maxima uses brake pads on both the front and rear brakes. The type of calipers and pads used on the front and rear wheels differs, so the method of changing the brake pads is slight... Read More »

How to Change Brake Pads on a 2003 Mazda?

Mazda recommends replacing the brake pads every 40,000 miles or as soon as you notice wear. The brake pads are equipped with thin metal clips called brake pad wear indicators. The indicators will m... Read More »